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micro bikinis

Honestly, one of the hottest bikini styles today is the micro bikini. This is a term that encompasses quite a lot, and the only real qualification for a micro bikini is that it's small. There are sub-styles of the micro bikini, like the g-string, the thong, the Brazilian, and more. We'll talk about those in a minute. For now though, get your mind set on how incredible you're going to look in one of these sexy little bikinis.

Bikini Top Styles

1. Triangle Top

The classic triangle top is pretty much what everyone thinks of when they think of bikini tops. Of course there are other styles out there, but the triangle is definitely the most common. There are several different cuts of triangle tops, including what's known as the "enhanced" cut, which accentuates the cleavage, which looks great with enhanced breasts.
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2. Bandeau Top

Pronounced "ban-doh", the bandeau bikini top in its simplest form is just a single piece of fabric tied in the back. They are often mistaken for a tube top because they appear similar when viewed from the front. Bandeaus these days have taken on extra bling, and some (like the one pictured above) are decked out with crystals for that extra visual flair.
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3. Butterfly Top

You're never going to believe this, but the butterfly top was named because it's shape is kind of like a butterfly. Butterfly tops look great on women with small and large breasts alike. And just like the bandeau, butterfly tops can be adorned with jewelry or crystals.
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4. Knotted Top

Here's another one that's named in a totally logical way. Knotted bikini tops are either tied or sewn in the middle to create a knot (or the illusion of a knot). They look great on large and small breasts alike, and offer more coverage than your standard triangle top, yet still retain a good amount of sexiness.
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Bikini Bottom Styles

bikini bottoms

1. G-String

The g-string, or micro thong, is definitely the most risque' bikini bottom you can buy, mainly because there's just not much to it! Covering only slightly more in the front than it does in the back, the g-string can actually land you in jail in some more conservative communities!
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2. Whale Tail

The whale tail gets its name from its shape, which is akin to a whale's tail when worn. It covers more than a standard g-string, but not much. The whale tail is a relatively new style, and its all the rage on the beaches of Europe and among the jet-setting trendy elite.
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3. Pucker Back

The pucker back bikini is named because of the way the fabric "puckers" in the back, though it could also be named for the shape of the outline of the bikini, which puckers around the tailbone to call attention to the shape of the buttocks.
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4. Brazilian

Once seen only on the beaches of South America, the Brazilian bikini has since burst on to the international scene and has become an overnight hit. Brazilian bikinis cover more than a whale tail or g-string, but still manage to look incredibly sexy doing it.
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Brazilian Bikinis

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